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Mr. Zombie 3 (2021)

Mr. Zombie 3 (2021)

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It is about Mao Shanhao leading his apprentice Qiu Sheng and Wen Cai to open a shop and run a monster in Qinglong Town. Wen Cai asked his elder brother for help from marrying his daughter, and Qiu Sheng took the risk to find the legendary Huang Yao to borrow money. One person and one demon didn’t know each other and had love. Despite the obstruction of Mao Shanhao, the captain of the public security team in Qinglong Town, Hu Biao, insisted on putting an ancient holy relic in the exhibition of the World Expo. Mao Shanhao came to the rescue but was completely secretive, making the evil spirit escape and blood-washed the World Expo. Mao Shanhao led the battle, but he was not an opponent. When the crisis happened, Huang Yao appeared, sacrificed himself to remove the relics, and saved the people of Qinglong Town

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Duration: 101 Min

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