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Dragon Sword:Outlander (2021)

Dragon Sword:Outlander (2021)

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A mortal called Fu Yan wants to cultivate immortality. He accidentally fell into the space rift. He then found himself in a place called the orc domain. Fu Yan killed countless monsters while finding the exit. He was exhausted and then discovered his cultivation to fall to the middle phase of virtuoso. At this time, an advanced ghost came out of his ice jade. He not only helped Fu Yan find the exit, but also taught him alchemy. After that, in Shouhua city, Fu Yan met Lan Moyi by chance, the goddess of Misty Palace. They gradually get to know each other and provide company all the way. However, they encountered countless difficulties during their adventure, such as the appearance of the main villain, the queen of the scorpion spider……

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Genre: Action, Fantasy

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